What makes a good foundation repair company?

Foundation work is definitely not a DIY project and therefore it is important to contact at least 3 contractors to assess the issue and give-you a detailed proposal. On average, the inspection time should take 2 hours. When you feel that you have a foundation issue in your home, you will need some basic information on how to choose a contractor. Making the wrong choice can prove to be very expensive. There are a few qualities i applied when i hired a St. Peters foundation companythat should help you determine a good foundation repair company.

Method of repair

You will need to choose a company that uses the best repair method. Before you begin your search for the foundation repair company, you will need to educate yourself on the repair method. Avoid making your decision based on advertisements or low quotes. Choose a foundation repair contractor whose method of repair has been evaluated by the International Code Council Evaluation Services. This is a non-profit organization that ensures that the building products meet the code compliance. Find out the level of disruption that the company will cause on your landscape. There are some contractors who will not guarantee that the shrubs and bushes around your home will survive after replacement or removal.

Guarantee and warranties

You need to choose a company that offers guarantee or warranties for repair works. This is very important for foundation repair. Therefore, you will need to pay close attention to the terms of service of the company. You should be bear in mind that a warranty will only be beneficial to you if the company backs it. Therefore, choose a company that is ready to offer warranty trust. This is important because if the company goes out of business, you will have a plan in place that will provide you with a follow-up service.St. Peters foundation company

Employee training

Find out how the employees of the company are trained. Do they undergo regular training to keep abreast with the ongoing in the industry? Are there tests given to the employees and are they certified. You should ask them to show you their certification cards. It can also be helpful to pay special attention to how the employees of the company treat you from the first contact to them. Did they answer the call the first time you called? Did the person who picked the call sound courteous and ready to assist? These questions could give you an idea of the kind of relationship that you are likely to have with the company.

General liability and workers comp insurance

Choose a company that has general liability as well as workers comp insurance. This is important as it can help to protect you in case something wrong happens in the course of the foundation repair. Ask to see the certificate of insurance and ensure that it is up to date. It is also important to ensure that you select a company whose charges are within your budget. When you follow these guidelines, it will be easy to choose a foundation repair company.

3 Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

If you already have a basement that is leaking as well as water damage, one of the most advisable thing to do is to invite an expert to do water extraction and waterproofing. This is one area where the old adage that says” prevention is better than cure” holds true. By preventing the leakage and water damage from occurring in the first place, you can end up saving yourself a lot of trouble and problems that can be caused by a leaking basement. Carrying out basement waterproofing rather than waiting for water leakage to occur can also help you to save money. There are many benefits that you will get from basement waterproofing and these include;

Protecting foundation

The structural integrity of you foundation can be quite important. If your foundation and basement area is affected by water damage, the concrete where water is seeping in will expand and this will result in foundation cracks. The cracks will cause the foundation to weaken and this can cause the crumbling of your foundation. Nothing can be as dangerous as a weakened foundation. Therefore, this will need to be rectified as soon as possible as you may end up with a home that is partially collapsed.

O'Fallon basement waterproofing
Credit: Picture of a basement taken during an O’Fallon basement waterproofing contract

Protecting your belongings and home

Most home owners store their stuffs in the basement. The area is also used as a play room or bedroom for your guests. One of the last things that you want is for your furniture and equipment that you have stored in the area to be damaged by water leakage. Water can ruin electronics and they could even create electrical discharge that can cause injury or fire. Your home is most likely your biggest investment. Most realtors will tell you that one of the major factors that damage basement is water. This can result in a drop in the resale value of the home.

Leaking basements are some of the flaws that inspectors and appraiser look for and they use these to access the value of the home. You have an option to accept water leakage as unavoidable or you may take the proper steps of addressing the issue. Waterproofing can also act as an USP for the home and this can positively increase the sale value. This is due to the fact that buyers will be happy to know that you have taken the right measures.

Preventing growth of mold, mildew and insect infestations

Molds, mildew and insects thrive best in damp surfaces and therefore your leaking basement is just the right atmosphere for these microorganisms to thrive. It can take as little as one or 2 days for molds to grow after the occurrence of the water damage. When the mold problem becomes full brown, it can cause allergies as well as health issues for you, your loved one and your pet. Definitely you do not want your guests to come in and leave with a runny nose.

Therefore, there are several benefits of basement waterproofing. Contact a basement waterproofing company and they will do the job for you.

Choosing Your Kitchen Tiles


For homeowners, the decision of choosing the right kitchen tiles can be complex and confusing, with too many varieties and options to pick from. However, the kitchen can accommodate for a range of tile styles and types without compromising on the functions. There are no limits to the creativity of your tiles for your kitchen, whether that’s giving your kitchen character through mix-matching tiles, or the sophisticated “one-tile” look. Your kitchen tile choices should not be as complex as you may think, and it all comes down to personal preference!
Where do tiles in the kitchen need to be placed?

Work out exactly what type of tiles you like, and identify the areas of the kitchen to be tiled. There are a range of tiles for you kitchen to choose from, glass, metal, wood, natural stone and ceramics – which all come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. Your tiles need to be right for you, your kitchen, your budget and the look you want to achieve.

If you are tiling your kitchen floor, choosing slippery or easily chipped tiles can be dangerous in a household with small children or senior people; slip-resistant tiles would be the best option. Where as tiles used on counters or for back-splash slip-resistant tiles would not be necessary. Talk to your sales assistant about the requirements in your kitchen, and they will be able to advise the best materials for the purpose.

How much is tiling my kitchen going to cost?

This all depends on the area of your kitchen you are tiling, and the type of tiles you are using. Like everything, tiles range from high-end designer types, to the lower-end alternatives. The high-end designer tiles can come with a higher price tag! But these tend to be hand-painted ceramic pieces, and can often add more value to the kitchen. The lower priced tiles may often not be considered tiles, as they are usually stick-and-peel or vinyl types. Before you decide on the tiles, work out the area of your kitchen you want to tile and put together an estimate on your tile spending. Shop assistants should be able to help you with putting together an estimate, and help you with backsplash and floor measurements.

The back-splash areas of your kitchen still have to fit in with the surrounding areas. What style are you trying to achieve within your kitchen? If you’re looking for a modern edge, using glass or metal will enhance your look. Traditional styles may suit natural stones or ceramic to creative a rustic, classic look.

Do plenty of research before making your tile purchase, establish exactly what you are looking for, and ask as many questions to your sales assistant as possible so the process isn’t quite as overwhelming!